Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to Make Orange Juice Vitamin C Rich

Hi all, I met with the agen with info-is certainly interesting, and I hope it appeals to you, well now it's our turn to make a drink of orange, yes ... we will make orange juice rich in vitamin C, already know it uses vitamin C to our body?

Vitamin C is very good to our bodies, because the substances contained both to maintain our immune system and make our skin becoming smoother, well then how where to make her orange juice? let's be listened info on orange juice and orange juice drinking gain information

Orange juice ingredients simple
- 3 oranges that are still fresh
- 20 ml of liquid sugar
- 50 ml of water
- Milk
- Ice Cubes

Making simple way orange juice
1. Enter the orange skin is removed and its contents into a blender
2. Enter the white water, liquid sugar, milk, and ice cubes into a blender and turn the blender to mencapur and refine the materials was about 5 minutes
3. Serve in a glass
Fresh Orange Juice Recipe

Ingredients fresh orange juice
- 1 citrus fruit, 1 piece of sweet orange, 1 lemon, 1 lime
- 3 tablespoons of full cream milk
- 2 tbsp honey
- 200 ml of water
- 2 tbsp pandan syrup
- Ice that is shaved

Making way fresh orange juice
- Blend all the orange that has been peeled and all the ingredients are there to use blender
- After a smooth strain the juice, freshly squeezed orange juice after it is ready to be served

Benefits of vitamin C for skin and facial treatments are as follows:
Brighten the skin, making the skin healthy and glowing
Improve the condition of skin dull and pale
Protect the skin from free radicals
Pressing the process of pigmentation due to the influence of UV-B
Increase collagen synthetic
as an antioxidant
produce collagen
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin

Okay so my first of hopefully useful information for your yes, thank you.

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