Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Natural water Clearing Tips

Hello Everyone, whether you've traditionally purify water? if not then you are lucky because I was the one here will give you information on how to purify water traditionally to increase your knowledge, and this way I took from the experience when your by yourself so you can practice immediately.

Clearing the way water naturally is not advisable to drink straight, but must be cooked first, however this is just the raw water from muddy water into clear water changed, and there is still no bacterial destruction process beforehand, so it must be cooked first if you want to consume.
There are a few that you have to prepare to clear the water, remember the traditional and natural way

Materials and tools needed
How to Make Water Purification Equipment for Clearing the Air

  • Water wells / stream
  • Gravel as a filter and helps oxygen aeration.
  • Sand to hold back silt.
  • Charcoal as an absorbent fine particles, absorbing odors and colors that are in the water.
  • Fibers to filter out particles that escaped from the previous layer and flatten the water flowing
  • Plastic drum / barrel / cement tanks 200 lt
  • Large barrel or tank of cement
  • Buffer water pump timber (if necessary)
  • Bamboo pipes / PVC or plastic hose
  • Water faucet
  • Plastic mosquito netting
  • Solasi PVC and PVC glue.
  • How to make a water purification

Prepare a water tank.
Make a faucet at a height of 10 cm from the bottom, for each drum / barrel. Faucet lines spliced ​​given paralon 30 cm hole and wrapped in mosquito netting. PVC channels are included on the inside of the drum / barrel.

Wash the filter materials such as gravel, charcoal, sand and fibers to thoroughly clean, dried. Arrange the filter material from the bottom up in a row stone (15 cm), gravel (10 cm); coconut shell charcoal (15 cm), fine sand (20 cm); fibers (20 cm), fine sand (15 cm) ; fibers (15 cm).

Remember, the preparation must be tightly and evenly, do not let the cavity between the layers. Create a buffer timber staircase. The first railroad height 50 cm and 170 cm Udak second (adjusted to the height of the drum). Stacking two drum / barrel in stages. Drum / barrel first placed on the first railroad (for the filter).

Once the new water settles flowed. Stream water from the drum / barrel first into the second barrel. The water that comes out first, and murky at first after a while to clear. Once clear, accommodated to the new drum / barrel both. Before drinking water should be boiled or sterilized. After some time (approximately 3 months) of water that comes out is not clear, it means the filter needs to be replaced or washed again.

After preparing all the necessary requirements, we started to design the tool to be used, prepare and prepare clean water turbid water that will be cleared up.

Okay, so first of my information, I hope what I have to say this yes ..

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