Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Method Fishing In River

Hi all, how are you? for information this time I will share information on how to lure fish in the river so that we get a lot of fresh fish. Surely you've been fishing all right? must have been .. moreover river .. because if fishing at sea is a bit more costly.

Well if you are a person who like fishing river fishing moreover, I have information that may be useful to you, but these tips not only for river fishing for deep-sea fishing with big fish, because the target is the river fishing the fish fresh medium-sized and small, well there are a few tips from me that

1. Amid river fishing
For the first tips that you simply like fishing in the middle of the river you are fishing at sea, because if you are fishing on the edge you will only see a small fish while the larger fish tend to prefer deep water.

2. Play Fishing
For tips on both please you play you like a fishing rod in fits and starts in fits and starts so that the fish you seek interested in fishing lure us, so you will definitely get a lot more fish.

3. be patient
For the third tips is be patient, because patience is the key fishing if you do not have to wait so no fishing, because fishing is an event to train one's patience,.

Hmmm, possibly, only 3 tips that I can inform you, if you will be fishing please remember these tips from me because according to what I always do if I'm going fishing, okay yeah hopefully useful to you.

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