Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Car Driving Tips For Good

Hallo, met again with me .. This time I will share information on how to drive a car to be safe, there are a few tips from me that will probably be useful for you all motorists, to be saved to the destination on the streets, and of course you do not get a bit unfortunate, because it is namannya highway hell for anyone who is inconsiderate in driving a vehicle.

But quiet if you always take care in driving a vehicle course you will always feel comfortable and welcome in diamanapun journey it was, because driving safely is a top priority in the drive, just watch people driving carelessly in his heart definitely pounding and his mind will always be there is always tense karan tkanan enough blood when we drove it less true, now I have to tip him some tips on driving safely and comfortably.

1. Health Checks
The first tips you can do is check your health in advance if you want to go far, because in the old car with the Watu will also lower the immune system, especially if you're sick of concentration must be very bad.

2. Vehicle Health Check
Well for one second please check the health of your vehicle from starting until Steering Tires Car lest the car journey Ananti while you died suddenly, of course, this will drain your time on the street because they have to fix your car first.

3. Provide Beverage & Food while driving
If you are driving please get some food and drinks, it goes without food heavy enough with snacks and water only, because with this you sleepy when you can just eat it to cure procrastinators and of course a little sleepy block the stomach up to the place of resting.

4. If the rest Drowsiness
If you feel sleepy on the way please stop for a moment to rest in a restaurant or at a refueling point, if not forced drowsy driving because the consequences will be fatal if you force it.

Well that was 4 tips from me to you who want to drive safely, may be useful and do not forget the tips of my ya ..

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