Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to Take Care Car Paint For Always Glossy

Hi all car lovers, it's a pity you definitely right in your car, so obviously it's a pity I was at my car because my car is what I deliver are everywhere, but what you feel when you paint dull, scuffed and others , you will definitely feel annoyed and bored lazy to use the car, I had my car dirty so when I'm lazy so using my favorite car.

Well as where that cars that we love her this paint can be durable, with a color like new? nah I have some tips for those of you who do not want to see the car look dull okay consider some tips that may be useful for you.

1. Car Wash With Sponge Cloth
Well Woven sponges are the most important means for avoiding opaque paint, because the fabric is very soft and nice to paint a sensitive, but before wiping cloths just checked first whether his sponge containing sand or other impurities, so it does not damage the paint when washed later.

2. Do not Let Car Outside Garage
If you do not get used car home is outside the garage because it will be exposed to rain and scorching sun, if such it keeps the paint on the car can crack due to acidic substances contained by rain water.

3. Using Car Lap Lap Never Dry
Well for all three tips that you should never do this when the car wiping cloth in dry conditions, because a dry cloth is more likely to be rude, if you want to dry his car as using a damp cloth and do not use a dry cloth.

Okay viewers, was that of my tips for the care of your car paint that always shiny dab of paint always looks okay, may be useful.

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