Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tips to Eliminate Insects Ants at Home

Hi all, I will give you easy tips for you that his house is often visited by insects including ants, insect attack if your house is definitely very menggaggu the days you are not, especially in this type of ant insects, because insects can bite this one too lo , if we got the bite will feel itchy semuat especially if the ants red ants, we can be sure will feel hot and itchy.

Well keep on how to eliminate? I had a quiet powerful tips to repel ants that invade homes rogue. Let's consider his tips

1. Ants Nest flush with Kerosene
The first way I ever did was poured kerosene into the ant nest was at home, this method is quite powerful because within a few days the ants disappeared from his hives.

2. Use the Magic Chalk
Well that is also powerful enough to protect the foods we eat that is on the table supaa not eaten by ants in anyway.

3. Droppings Clean Dishes
for the third tips please wipe the dirt there sabaun dipiring with lemon to keep it clean, because dirty dishes will invite ants to come.

Well that was my 3 tips to get rid of ants was at home, I hope your home clean of insects that annoy ya ...

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